‘Will you be my valentine’ these beautiful words everyone wants to hear. But what does it actually mean? When you ask someone to be your Valentine it means that you are asking a person, the one you love the most to be yours forever.

This age of social media has changed the dynamics of romance. Forever is not what it used to mean. People move on from relationships faster than ever before and yet most of us feel lonely and unloved. If something is broken you must try to fix it instead of simply throwing it away.

Yes, relationships are difficult especially for today’s young generation. Trust is slowly dying and people have become insecure and extremely demanding. Couples constantly battle insecurities, they want to check their partner’s phone, see what they post on social media, and constantly worry about someone else getting in the way.

The first step towards building a strong relationship is building on your own self-worth and respecting your own life. Self-love is not selfish, it is necessary. Ask yourself what you want from your relationship. When the answer is simply love and friendship you know you will find the right person.

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