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The mind is the source of all energy; our thoughts have vibrations that manifest in the physical world often affecting our health, relationships, and overall well-being. Spiritual counseling is using positive energy to improve the natural healing process of the affected, it is the holistic approach towards wellness. Dr. Alka Chopra Madan is a spiritual counselor. She has more than 25 years of experience. She has helped her clients move past their past traumas and reinvent themselves, to experience the wonders of life again.

Spiritual counseling can help you find freedom from emotional trauma which is a major cause of stress, depression, and loss of energy.

A few sessions will surely help you find your lost vitality again!

‘The past and future are figments of our mind, only the now is real’

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Soul Body Healing Center founded and run by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan is a holistic and wellness center. We offer spiritual counseling, spiritual guidance, spiritual counseling courses, spiritual training courses, and free spiritual counseling sessions on our website. Our center is located in Fremont, CA and we have regular spiritual counseling sessions at our location. The meet-ups are open to all and are a safe place for you to share your stories and heal. We offer free spiritual counseling to new members when they visit our website- www.soulbodyhealingcenter.com. All of our courses are available online.

Dr. Madan has over two decades of holistic spiritual counseling experience and is such an amazing soul.

Holistic spiritual counseling: Robert Blumetti in his book Vril: the Life Force of the Gods tells his readers that “You have the power to cure yourself within your own mind”(12). The mind has the power to heal. We can use the life-force within us to lead a healthier and happier life. One which is spiritually uplifting. The solutions that will increase our spiritual growth or increase our life force will be the real solutions. The solution for happier survival lies more in the metaphysical universe than the physical universe. Spiritual counseling armed with spiritual guidance can help you change your life completely. It is truly a renewal of life.




  • Breath: Even though we do not need to learn to breathe, we need to learn to breathe consciously. If you have noticed we breathe shorter breaths while over thinking, being angry or emotional. Oxygen gives life and is, therefore, a vital source of life force. Taking a deep breath can boost the oxygen levels in the body and help clear the mind. Breathing correctly is an important aspect of spiritual counseling and spiritual guidance. While learning the Spiritual counseling course you will first be retaught your breathing habits.
  • Laughing: Laughter is indeed the best medicine. The vibrations of a laugh can revive the life force in the body and help us help alive and happy. Do things that make you laugh out loud. Friends are a great source of laughter. Learn to be silly and not serious at all times. Learn to laugh at yourself and build a sense of humor. The laughter renews your spirit and is a great way to start your spiritual counseling.
  • Ending Toxic Relationships: When a person constantly disrespects, abuses or hurts us, they suck the very life out of us. Learning to walk away from such situations is not selfish but vital. These can be partners, friends, siblings, or bosses. Try standing up for yourself first if they still continue to hurt you- verbally or physically. Leave. Some people use emotional manipulation and blackmail to stop their partner from leaving. If you are seeking spiritual guidance for your relationship ask yourself if you are taking care of yourself too. The soul cannot survive unhappiness for too long.
  • The Act of Kindness: When we do a selfless deed such as donate or volunteer, help stray animals, make meals for strangers, help fellow humans during a crisis any big or small deed done out of compassion- we feel good about ourselves. It also brings us good karma and balances our energies. We learn the importance of empathy in the spiritual counseling course. The fact that the universe is one helps us look at the bigger picture. Spiritual guidance cannot be complete without embarking on the journey of oneness. Not just human-beings but every life form in the universe.
  • Clean Eating: Food is our biggest source of energy and we must eat every day to maintain a healthy life. Yet with our busy lifestyle, we are giving food less importance. The many junk options available to us not only mess with our bodies but clog our life force energies. We must practice mindful eating and consume only foods that provide nourishment and vitality. An important chapter in the spiritual counseling course is nutritional counseling. A healthy body has a healthy mind.
  • Time for Yourself: If we cannot enjoy being by ourselves nothing in this world can fill the hole in our lives. Our demanding life- work, relationships, social interactions can drain us of energy and a little alone time can help regain some life force. A short nap, a little reading time, a day away from home any activity that suits you can be very beneficial for your mental health. Disconnect from all social media, shut off that smartphone and learn to relax and enjoy the company of your own thoughts. Often people feel scared to be alone because of their thoughts. But once you have formed a better relationship with yourself your thoughts too will change.
  • Following your Passion: Often times we come across people who are unhappy with their jobs and this unsatisfactory feeling and seep into our lives. In today’s world success is measured by wealth and in the race to earn a livelihood most people forego their dreams. Follow your passion in life. When your work doesn’t seem like a job you tend to succeed while finding happiness. Never stop working for what you truly believe in.




  1. INTRODUCTION TO METAPHYSICS; a brief about metaphysical science, laws, and importance of learning this science. We can refer to the study material that was provided by The University of Sedona. And also refer to our own thesis and dissertation.
  2. WHAT IS HOLISTIC HEALTH; introduction to alternative and holistic lifestyle choices, the bodies natural healing ability, benefits of mindfulness, positivity, and meditation.
  3. SPIRITUAL COUNSELING; what is spiritual counseling, tips, and techniques, how it can help clients deal with emotional and mental problems. We can also add manuscript from sessions you have conducted in the past- videos if available.
  4. NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING; the importance of healthy and clean eating, how to use food for energy and nutrition
  5. RECOVER YOURSELF- talk about how you have developed this method to help your clients, how it can be used by a counselor and its benefits.

Spiritual Counseling can help you find freedom from emotional trauma which is a major cause of stress, depression, and loss of energy. A few sessions will surely help you find your lost vitality again! If you have an empathetic soul and have wanted to explore the world of metaphysics our spiritual counseling course is the right fit for you. We will help you become a spiritual counselor who can provide others with spiritual guidance.


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