Regain yourself- Our body works with its senses, everything around us affects these sensations and we react instantly to the energy around us. When you take the time to be with yourself, your mind will let you know what energies you should or should not interact with. That can be a specific task, a person, or a place. When we learn to distance ourselves from these negative energies we reduce the stress we cause to our bodies and start the process of healing.

‘The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind’

Recover Yourself

Recover Yourself Therapy

Silence can be overwhelming but with Dr. Alka Chopra Madan’s ‘RECOVER YOURSELF THERAPY’ you can learn to use this silence to reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. Hone the natural healing ability of your body with SOUL BODY HEALING CENTER.

‘The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind’

We will help you regain yourself, recover from addictions, and regain yourself in the most holistic and natural way. Our meet-ups will teach you how to rebuild confidence and self-esteem, and most importantly how to have faith in yourself.

“Recover yourself”

Technique formulated by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan for helping her clients to recover their lost life force, it is simple, easy to follow and has taken into consideration all the information presented in this dissertation. She hopes more metaphysical healers can benefit from this technique so that we can help the maximum number of people. The course is to – Regain yourself, recovery from addictions, have faith in yourself, and how to rebuild confidence and self-esteem.


How to Regain Yourself

Life happens every day. Life is a sequence of events. One event from beginning to end makes time. Time is nothing else but a period between the beginning and end of the event. If the life events have beginnings but unexpected endings, the time gets lost.

For an event to end as per the expectations is the goal of spiritual being. If that goal is unfulfilled the being gets stuck in that event or in time.


These Open-ended Events Can Be Anything Like These;

  • Incomplete communication with someone
  • Half done work.
  • Pending work
  • Long due settlements
  • Partially done promises
  • Non-acknowledgement of other’s efforts.
  • Not fulfilling one’s obligations
  • Not taking care of the body.
  • Not in good moral standing with the group one belongs to.
  • Unable to find satisfaction in daily living.

When life events take a sudden turn then also there is no end foreseen, like Death of a loved one.

  • Sudden loss of a job.
  • Betrayal in love
  • Long unexplained illness
  • Struggle to get established
  • Physical pain
  • Unconsciousness (Influenced by Evil Spirits)

As far as our existence in the metaphysical world is concerned we are simultaneously living in that world along with our physical existence. There are other beings in the metaphysical universe that are living without the physical form called a body. We are in constant interaction with our spiritual buddies or enemies. That relationship also absorbs our attention in the same way as it does with physical universe loved ones or enemies. This one line explains it all, “We are not free if they are not”. These spiritual beings had to leave their bodies while their work or commitments did not end. As a result, they are not done even in the metaphysical universe. They are still stuck in time because the end was sudden or unacceptable. One is part of the spiritual universe of others knowingly or unknowingly. This is proven by other’s experience over and over like these:

Common symptoms

  • Sudden drug and, or alcohol abuse. If your friends are asking you, “What’s gotten into you, why are you overdoing it so often?”,
  • A sudden change in behavior. One may very well have picked up a wandering soul if you’ve endured abuse, surgery, or serious illness as a child, and it (or they) might still be with you.
  • Excessively emotionally trying periods of your life. Extreme stress breaks down your spiritual defenses and opens you up to strange energy.
  • Acute, unexplained bouts of depression. If you can’t explain the source, it’s possible you may be carrying a heavy, unseen load.
  • Hearing voices in your head, especially negative messages, could be a sign that you have a spiritual hitchhiker with you or that you’re hosting a party with uninvited, invisible guests. We believe it’s possible for problematic, other-dimensional energies to plant ideas in your head in order to manipulate your behavior for their benefit. Spiritually sensitive people, or those firmly tuned into their intuition, frequently hear messages within from the other realms, but it can be challenging to keep them closed off to foreign, toxic energy.
  • Keeping all the above in mind I have been through many studies myself and now my education with IMM, I have come up with a simple therapy to recover oneself from the miseries, misfortunes, and unhappiness of living.


The Process of Recover Yourself Steps Involves

  • Locate the uneasy emotion one wants to get rid of.
  • Find the event in which that emotion is locked.
  • Go to the beginning of that event
  • Go through it and look at it from all the possible viewpoints.
  • Continue to go through the event until it is completely revealed to oneself from all the viewpoints.
  • Once done with the particular emotion. One can pick up another emotion and find the concerning event. repeat the process until one recovers oneself from all the unpleasant, unexplained mysteries of the business of living.

With this technique and the knowledge of life force energy, we can solve a lot of problems for our clients. Understanding that the root cause of most problems lies in the mind and thinking of an individual and help us counsel our clients and teach them to recover themselves. We make life beautiful again with a little mindfulness and regain our lifeforce with simple everyday measures. Grief is a part of life, there is no prevention for grief as life is unpredictable. But we can equip ourselves to deal with it in a better manner. Like a lifejacket, we can use our emotional strength to survive even the roughest waters.

If you take the ‘Recover Yourself’ course by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan you will be able to

  • Regain yourself
  • Recovery from addictions
  • How to rebuild confidence
  • Have faith in yourself

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