Spiritual Counseling, Body rejuvenation

Dr. Alka Chopra Madan is a spiritual counselor. She has more than 30 years of experience. She has delivered tens of thousands of counseling hours. She is a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, mentor and a life coach...

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Stress Management & Efficiency

Stress, tension, anxiety, fear, nervousness, anger, grief are commonly used words, these days. One has learnt to live with them. It is considered normal to have them. This may not be true. It is the gift of modern…

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Marriage Magic

Marriage needs to be created every day and every moment. It is the perfect relationship other than a blood relationship. Redefining the relationship and understanding the interdependence in relationship can establish stronger bonds...

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Energy Supplement

One is essentially a form of energy. Energy is supposed to be unlimited and can be created at will or changed at will. If one is unable to feel flow of energy that means it is stuck. Stuck…

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Past Life Recovery

You are a product of your past is an old saying. Past decisions, shocks, traumas and past life dictates your present life largely. I can help you in addressing those specific incidents which are hiding below your consciousness…

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Retreats to Optimize Health

Online retreat

Free online retreat to help with stress, and learn more about holistic health choices. A retreat is an escape from the daily stress of life. Take a break to rejuvenate and rediscover yourself. SOUL BODY HEALING CENTER offers…

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What is Alternative Therapy?

Alternative therapy can be defined as complementary therapies, holistic practices, natural healthcare, or integrative medicine. Mind-body practices are techniques designed to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body. These techniques practices include behavioral, psychological, social, expressive, and spiritual approaches.

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are. The body and mind are both important components for a healthy and wholesome living. Good food is essential for a healthy body, and good thoughts are essential for a healthy mind.

Soul body healing center offers spiritual counseling, nutritive counseling, and therapy to help you with the healing of both emotional and physical wounds. Dr. Alka Chopra Madan has earned her doctorate in metaphysics and very passionate about holistic health.

Learn more about alternative therapy and holistic health with our counseling sessions, online retreats and much more.

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