Every relationship is unique in the sense that every relationship has its own problems. If there are good times there are the many bad ones too. But love is the willingness to work on your relationship problems with care, trust, and mutual respect. Many people will have advice on how you can solve the problems you and your partner are facing. But the truth is only the two of you can solve them.

  • Learn to communicate – Good communication is the foundation of every strong relationship. Make time to listen to each other, respect the other person’s feelings and try to be honest without sounding harsh and judgmental. Do something you both enjoy; keep away your phones and stop thinking about work.
  • Be sensitive – Understand that your partner is not superman, and is bound to make mistakes. Try to listen without your own perceptions and learn to be fair with your partner. Forgiveness plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • Self-respect – Self-love and care are equally important for a healthy relationship because you can set healthy boundaries and also will not need to depend on each other but will stay together because of mutual respect and love.