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Why you will choose Soul Body Healing Center?

Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. We see our surroundings filled with grief, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression. Stress is the buzz word of this century. Our young budding generation on whom we are basing our future is already stressed. Past is painful, present is confused, and future does not exist for many.

Word heal has its origin in the old English word hāl which means whole.

Healing takes time, to restore oneself fully is healing in its truest sense. Our approach is to give time, love, and patience to heal. Soul Body Healing Center wants to set up a chain reaction where one heals another and cares for each other’s well being.

Anything less than whole is not whole, not healed. We deserve the right to have wholesome existence and that is the motto of Soul Body Healing Center.

  • Retreat of it’s Own Kind

    ” I want to start from thank you, which is a small emotion compared to what i have experienced with Alkaji. I feel like I am born as a new person, and suddenly all the thoughts which was haunting me has disappeared.
    I want to thank you for the beautiful experience with great place, great food and greatest mind food! “

    :~ R
  • Back to Basics

    ” My big thanks and regards to my life coach “Alka Madan”, who has given direction to my life where I have taken a step towards journey of success . I was able to reveal blockers of my life to myself under her guidance through use of technology . It was an amazing experience to know that I am the one who was blocking my future and only I have the power to unblock it too. “

    :~ SS.
  • A Rustic Getaway to Solitude

    “I enjoyed painting and expressing myself after very long
    I learned to some extent about my triggers and how to overcome them. (Through Bull Baiting).
    I learnt a lot about the functionality of our body and how incidents cause blockages of energy and make us react. Learnt the concept of reactive mind and how you can overcome it. “

    :~ A.
  • Retreat of it’s Own Kind


    ” Two days in the lap of nature to connect to my inner self and gain wisdom . At the end of 2 days, I gain more clarity about my mind and myself. I realized that my thoughts are now in harmony with my desires. I learned how to apply wisdom and be grateful for whatever we have in our lives from core of my heart. I would like to say thanks to Alka Ji for enriching and amazing experience to know myself. “

    :~ S.

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